Produced by Felix Busuttil and Catherine Strawbridge, Graffiti will feature a cast of 25 of YADA's best in an evening of contemporary jazz dance.

Act One consists of a prefentation of three choregraphies by Justin Roy Barker. The first entitled Classical Graffiti was inspired by the fusion of classical and modern. The choreography develops from the elegance of classical ballet to the strong and dynamic movements of modern jazz ballet.

The second piece Karma has soft and smooth contemporary styles movements that portray an inner calm and certainly. The third piece Cyber Space uses six pieces of music all with a definable, futuristic sound. The movements are sharp, fast, snatched and clipped.

Act Two featured choreography by Vivienne Fielding Refalo and Felix Busuttil portraying various aspects of our lives and closing in on certain situations through the art of dance. The first choreographic piece was "Shoes"... the final picture, the image of footwear lying about in the aftermath of a disaster. Shoes also portray comfort and alternatively discomfort especially if we attempt to be who we're not. Moving on to other topics such as The World of Work, Secrecy of Love, Exploitation of Sex, The corporal and the spiritual and finally finishing off with Survival...

At the end of this discovery and amidst all adversity and negativity, the only hope is man's strength and his faith in humanity. The first step towards the solution of any problem is optimism. The need to change... block by block, bit by bit, day by day.


Following the company's previous phenomenal productions such as Firedance (March 1997), Era (April 1998) and Tango (October 1998) the Y.A.D.A. Dance Company's next production is Minestrone at the Manoel Theatre.

The whole show is a complete mixture. Minestrone is a farcical dance show with the first act based on everyday-life situations and the second based on different styles of dance. The idea behind the production is "Dance is not's funny!".

In Minestrone you will see the first all male Swan Lake to be performed in Malta. 


Tango was born of a culture created by thousands of men who were forced to leave their homes and families during the last twenty-five years of the nineteenth century by the despair and poverty of a disintegrating Europe. And this is the opening scene of  YADA's next production, Tango - an Evening of Passionate Dance.

Produced and directed by the talented Felix Busuttil, Tango is the story of Gabriele Orgete, an Italian immigrant who falls passionately in love with Marcela Duran, nicknamed 'Amor', a prostitute. Beautiful and seductive, she lures Gabriele into the indecency and ultimately loneliness.

It tells the story of these two persons travelling through the years and through the development of tango... from the docks of Buenos Aires to the chic ballrooms of Paris, from the brothels of Argentina to the historic ghettos of the Tangueras.

This dance spectacular has lavish and splendid costumes, intricate chorepgraphy, powerful stage design and lighting.