Moulin Rouge

In 1899, a young poet named Christian by the name of played by Daron Galea leaves his family's home and heads off to the Montmartre districts of Paris, where he is soon taken under the wing of the painter Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and his gang of fellow bohemians.

Recruited by the diminutive artist to work on a play starring the Moulin Rouge nightclub's main attraction, the exquisite courtesan Satine played by the beautiful Daphne Smith, Christian finds himself ringside at her show and it's love at first sight for the young writer. The feeling is mutual when Satine mistakes Christian for the Duke who promised to bankroll the show in excahnge for her formidable services.

By the time she reakises her mistake it's too late as Christian owns her heart - even the besotted Duke's dark threats can't keep herin line. Not that it realy matters, since Moulin Rouge owner Zidler is keeping a tragic secret from poor, doomed Satine.

Ah to be young, in love, and dying of consumption in Paris!