Christus. Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the Messiah, Jesus the Healer, Jesus the Man, Jesus the Son of God... Jesus and his spectacular existence is YADA's productions. Christus is audacious, provocative, life-affirming theatre. In Christ's shadow lies Satan and his envious driving-force. And it is this striking element, the fight between good and evil, that transcends the power of the prophet.

Propelled by a stirring choice of music, exceptional dancers with high capability of acting, Christus will take you to a journey of majesty, satire, tenderness and dramatic force. It will be innovative, passionate and compelling. If Christ the God has never touched your heart, then Christ the Man will bring you closer to the human spirit, his emotional intensity and the resurrection of what is good in life and afterwards. The story of Christus will not only transport you to the raw and wild world in which He lived, but will also get you through musical exuberance, dance and spectacle in a smart way - closer to yourself and the questions you ask. Gospel, soul, trance, pop music are the genres used in an explosive choreographical dance celebration. His birth, His life, His miracles, His death and finally His and your... Resurrection.

With sets designs by Oscar-nominated Peter Howitt, costumes by RAI-acclaimed BEATRIX by Charles and Ron and other theatrical costumes by Elvia Leone Ganado and her much-efficient team, and together with an experienced cast including Justin Roy Barker (Christ), Claire Cassola (Mary), Kristina Schranz (Mary Magdalene), Mario Grech (Satan) and Felix Busuttil(Pontius Pilate), and a complement of more than 150 men and women, this YADA production will also be an affirmation of the company's versatility, professionalism and exuberance. Do you know Christ? Not until you've watched Christus.