Circle Of Sences

Base on the fantasies and spectacular journeys of Cirque Du Soleil and other powerful signature tunes, CIRCLE OF SENCES is a feast of dance, theatre and visual effects. The base and raw humanity uplifted to a different level. Scents, wind and other elements will constitute just a little of the many surprises in store at this awesome choreographic spectacle. This show will have a quantified and qualified ensemble of exceptional dancers.

CIRCLE OF SENCES in another YADA journey into the stimulus of colour, movement and light. It's a journey to the exotic and colorful world of India, the raw world of Africa, the freedom of love in the Western World, the hunt and the hunted in the Orient, the mystifying world of Arabia amongst other corners in this stimulation planet. The planet which needs to be protected, that needs to be heeled from all it's fear through the ultimate introduction of the Sixth Sense - the sense that lives beyond the realms of reality.