Fire Dance

FIREDANCE is an adaptation of riverdance - the Show which is a display of Irish dancing, Spanish Flamenco and American Tap that has taken audiences by storm in Ireland, London and America.

Interpreting the music of Bill Wheelan, Firedance shows how these different styles of dance are linked through the use of rhythm and footwork. Inspired by this music, Felix Busuttil, director of the YADA Dance Company, decided to stage Firedance giving Maltese dancers the change to perform in a dance spectacle and Maltese audience the opportunity of watching them.

Busuttil has also enlisted the additional choreographic talents of Justine Roy Barker, Francesca Abela, Alison Bird, Vivienne Fielding and Rosanna Maya. The number and variety of choregraphers ensure the different interpretations of the score although the main influences remain chiefly Irish, Spanish and Tap.Over 100 dancers will be involved in the production, including the Junior School of The College of Jazz Dance. Costumes have been designed by the choreographers themselves and produced by Alex Spiteri , Martanne Muscat, Elvia Leone Ganado and Kristina.

The show will also feature the winner of this year's Maltese entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, Debbie Scerri, with musicians Pepe El Tiburon, Donate Mattei, Renzo Spiteri and The Pageant Team of the First Hamrun Scouts Group.