The Phantom Dance Show is based on a book: The Phantom of the Opera. Felix insist that for this show has offered chorographic help from Justin Roy Barker while the designs of the show are in the hands of Peter Howitt that is famous for film sets block-buster like ‚"Indiana Jones", "Superman", "Braveheart", "Elizabeth" & "The Mummy".

Out of that, there will be 150 dancers to have a part and the wonderful and colourful costumes that have been done by Elvia Leone Ganado and Ernest Camilleri. The music is very phenomenal that is to be played the tracks from "Sleeping Beauty" of Tchaikovsky and "Romeo and Juliet" of Prokoview plus tracks from films like "The Devil's Advocate".

Phantom... The Dance Show is a story of all the years where the music that is to be played makes aspects of the life, dead, love, jealousy and suicides. The story is about a compositor that sells his body to the devil but with the pat that his face remains sfigurate. He lives in the drainage of the theatre of Paris that he remains disgusting with the settlement of the prima ballerina Carlotta and he makes all the things to eliminate her.

But the sfigurate composer loves Christine, nice lady that makes a part of the theatre quire. The compliment of the story everyone knows it and who doesn't listen about it is better to make all his possibilities to attend to this show.