Dirty Dancing

The story revolves around newborn love in an American mountain range Hotel in the early 1960s. The Houseman family, made up of father and mother and their two daughters Lisa and Francis also known as Baby, is incited to spend their holidays at Max Kellerman's Hotel.

To welcome all the guests, an Entertainment team has been set up. Young dancers, who are called in to assist the public in dance lessons and dance shows. Amongst the crowd... Johnny Castle and his friend and dance partner, Penny Johnson. By chance and out of curiosity, Baby ends up dancing in the arms of Johnny. She is in her seventh heaven.

Baby comes to the rescue when Penny Johnson discovers she is pregnant and cannot dance at the new venue Paso Casino. Baby volunteers. The father of the baby is Neil Kellerman, the male chauvinistic, rich son of the Hotel's owner. Rehearsal after rehearsal in the studios, in the open air and by the lake change timid Baby into a fiery dance enthusiast. The show at the Paso Casino went well but Penny is in serious pain - she loses her baby. Baby asks for the help of her father who come to the rescue. But this only destroys the love that has started to grow between Johnny and Baby. Johnny is fired.

He accepts the blame for Penny's situation. He scarifies his position so that Penny would not loose her job. But he loses Baby. Baby is devastated. Events are in preparation for the end of season show. The dancers are frustrated. As they are in the background, listening to boring speeches, in comes Johnny who walks straight to the top where Baby is sitting. 'No-one puts Baby in a corner, he tells the father. He escorts her to the stage where the evening turns into one big party, a celebration of love, "The Time of Their Life"...